Customer Service is made up of the small things

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I recently had a customer service interaction with a SaaS service provider that left me wanting. With this provider, we had an issue that was effecting our ability to use their programming API to provide services to our clients at SentimenTrader. The issue wasn’t one that caused us any real heartburn and wasn’t a mission … Read more Customer Service is made up of the small things

What can you DO with Machine Learning?

What can you do with machine learning

Everyone’s talking about machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days.  If you are a CxO or work in IT or marketing, I’d bet that you hear these terms more than you probably want to. It feels an awful lot like the early data of Big Data or Business Intelligence or the days when … Read more What can you DO with Machine Learning?

Links for July 7 2011

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Standard & Poor’s Downgrade: How Debt Has Defined Human History by David Graeber on Speakeasy – WSJ Quote: Instead of setting up great overarching institutions designed to protect debtors, we created institutions like the S&P or IMF, essentially, designed instead to protect creditors. It has become increasingly apparent that the system simply doesn’t work. As … Read more Links for July 7 2011

The frustrations of being “just” a customer

I really hate being “just” a customer. “Just” a customer is someone you force to call an 800 number to get service. “Just” a customer is someone that has to spend 10 minutes on the phone working through the maze of the automated phone system before talking to a real person. “Just” a customer is … Read more The frustrations of being “just” a customer

CRM tools do not equal CRM

Image by holeymoon via Flickr CRM tools do not equal CRM (yes…I know…I’ve said it twice…but it IS important). For the geeks out there, let me spell it out for you too – CRM tools != CRM. Or perhaps if you know your FORTRAN 77 (I taught it for 3 years…ugh) – CRM tools .NE. … Read more CRM tools do not equal CRM

Open Leadership – Book review

I grabbed a copy of Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead (affiliate link) by Charlene Li for my business trip last week.  Gotta have something to read on the plane you know. I enjoyed this book.  Not only is the subject matter interesting, but the way in which Li presents … Read more Open Leadership – Book review

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