CRM tools do not equal CRM

Image by holeymoon via Flickr CRM tools do not equal CRM (yes…I know…I’ve said it twice…but it IS important). For the geeks out there, let me spell it out for you too – CRM tools != CRM. Or perhaps if you know your FORTRAN 77 (I taught it for 3 years…ugh) – CRM tools .NE. … Read more

Links for May 16 2010

How do you create a culture of storytelling? by Steve Denning on The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management: Quote: I am sometimes asked: what’s involved in creating a culture of storytelling in an organization? How do you create an organization in which authentic storytelling is the natural and normal way of communicating? How do you … Read more

Links for April 25 2010

Silence is a Leadership Trait by Samuel Bacharach Quote: Between the words, between the actions, between the political strategies, leaders must create silence. Silence that allows for ideas to be absorbed. Silence that allows for emotions to settle. Silence that allows for bonding and healing. Silence that allows people to sit unthreatened and unchallenged. How … Read more

Links for April 11 2010

Innovation success is based on enthusiasm by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose Quote from the article: What sustains innovation over time is the ability to fail occasionally, which is an ironclad certainty, without a loss of enthusiasm for the concept of innovation The future of marketing in a technology world by Scott Brinker on … Read more