Helping the Organization

I just read Tom Catalini’s “Everybody Knows IT, But They Still Need Help” where he wrote: People know IT now. But they also need help. That’s not necessarily obvious to them, because it can be obscured by their comfort level and experience. It’s obvious to you, though, so don’t be afraid to take a leadership […]

An Educated Client Is a Better Client

This is a guest post by Elmer Boutin.  I read with great interest Eric’s post of January 31, 2012 entitled Do things when you should … not when you have to. I agree with what he wrote, and it really got me going about something I’ve been mulling over in my head for several weeks: […]

Fixing the ‘pain’ isn’t enough

Ian Brodie wrote a nice piece last week titled Why “Finding the Pain” is a bad strategy that resonated with me. The approach that many companies and consultants take with clients and potential clients is to ‘find the pain’ and provide services to fix this ‘pain’. I’ve taken this approach many times myself with much […]

Are we treating the symptoms, or the real problem?

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of knee pain.  For the last few months, its been constant and regular and seemed to get worse when I would spend a lot of time on my feet.  My initial thought was that my years of powerlifting in high school was finally catching up to me and I […]

Links for May 30 2010

You Too Can Be a Strategy Consultant: Three Secret Tools Revealed by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters Quote: The art of general management and strategic consulting lies in the mastery of a few simple tools. Now, despite the inevitable threats against my person made by parties who do not want to see the Truth […]

Cheetah Learning – funny video ad for CAPM

Kristen over at Cheetah Learning, one of the best Project Management Training groups out there sent me a link to this YouTube video…..I love it! Why do ads have to be boring?  They don’t…and Cheetah has figured out a way to get their point across in a funny manner.    Enjoy the video…and if you’re looking […]

I hate consultants

“I hate consultants.” When I heard those words spill out of my lunch companion’s mouth as soon as we sat down, I knew it would be a long lunch meeting. Some background When I was an independent consultant I spent a lot of time in business development mode.  Lots of time going to networking events […]

Links for Oct 18 2009

What Human Business And the Social Web Are About by Chris Brogan on The Insider Threat: What CIOs Need To Know by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Accidental Successful CIO Collaboration between Business and IT Leads to Innovation by Isaac Sacolick on Social, Agile, and Transformation We Learn Best from Other People by Rosa […]

Links for Aug 23, 2009

How to SWOT away Strategic Planning by Steve Neiderhauser The Role of the CTO: Four Models for Success by Bob Gourley on A Tendency to Blame and an Inability to Confront by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters blog Enterprise 2.0 Does Not Necessarily Mean Power To The People by G. Oliver Young on […]

Links for July 26 2009

“None” is Not a Social Media Strategy by Chris Curran on CIO Dashboard Web 3.0 Is Coming – Are CIOs Ready? bt Dr. Jim Anderson on The Accidental Successful CIO Blame storming – one of the signs of weak management by Mark McDonald on BLT: Business Leadership and Technology “Social Learning” Will Be a Core […]