Links for February 5 2012

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Facing Reality by David Brock on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference Quote: Facing reality is tough.  We may discover things we don’t want to confront.  We may not be as strong as we had hoped we were.  We may discover we need new skills to improve our ability to compete.  It may … Read more Links for February 5 2012

Embrace your community

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled Open Source, The Enterprise and The Community where I wrote about embracing the community that exists within your organization and in the open source community. In that post, I mentioned the Boy Scouts of America and how their magazine group uses’s VIP hosting platform for Boys’ Life magazine’s … Read more Embrace your community

Open Source, The Enterprise and The Community

Rackspace has just announced their open source cloud platform, OpenStack in collaboration with NASA. While the open source world has been a viable area for quite some time, there seems to be a lot of talk these days of open-sourcing many things. Google has opened up Android, the Department of Homeland Security has just announced an … Read more Open Source, The Enterprise and The Community

Links for March 7 2010

Pick one and own it by Jason Cohen on A Smart Bear The Strategy Trap: Why focusing too much on strategy could be killing your ability to execute by Olivier Blanchard on The BrandBuilder Blog HR Hint of the Day: Let Them Run Through the Sprinklers by Frank Roche on KnowHR Blog {If you click … Read more Links for March 7 2010

Book Review: Trust Agents

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy of Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith but I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to get through it until now. Have you ever wondered how Chris Brogan became Chris Brogan (outside of … Read more Book Review: Trust Agents