Links for Oct 4 2009

Sorry to miss last Sunday’s Link post…I was trying to recover from my vacation 🙂

Benefits of Slow Practice by Steve Neiderhauser

Is Your Strategy About Winning, Or About Maximizing Success? by Charles H Green on Trust Matters blog

Why Critical Thinking Is Not a Creativity Killer by Mark McGuinness on Lateral Action

Innovation lessons from emerging markets: Innovate beyond technology by Don Sull

A New Kind of CIO by Arun Manansingh on A CIO’s Voice

IT is a global industry by Mark McDonald on the Gartner Blog Network

More Gilding the Lily? On SaaS and the Green Revolution by Ben Kepes on CloudAve

Life as a Game by Whitney Hoffman from

Are You Cherishing the Wrong Trophy? by Jay Baer on Convince and Convert Blog: Where Social Media and Email Collide

IT Values — Learning From Netflix by Steven Levy on No Secret

Why the CIO Needs to Be a Duck-Billed Platypus by John Sviokla and Chris Curran from

Cloud computing: misunderstood, but really not that complicated a concept by Peter Kretzman on CTO/CIO perspectives

David Letterman on how to frame a story by Ben McConnell on Church of the Customer Blog

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