The New CIO: Social Media and the Enterprise

The New CIO is a weekly article about the challenges facing today’s CIO as well as what can be done to prepare for future challenges. Ahhh…Social Media.  THE hot topic these days (and for some time to come I think). There’s no arguing that the use of social media is a valid and necessary way … Read more The New CIO: Social Media and the Enterprise

Links for May 4 2009

We have a huge budget and too much time to complete our business intelligence (BI) project by Martin Proulx on Analytical Mind 9 tactics to effectively communicate your vision by George Ambler on The Practice of Leadership Pros and Cons of Software-as-a-Service models by Laura Brandau on Bridging the Gap between IT and Business Why … Read more Links for May 4 2009

Links for April 19 2009

The Case for Customer Communities by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent Tap Employee Passion by Harry Hoover on THINKing Accountability Begins at the Top by John Baldoni on The Era Of Volunteerism? by Mike Gotta on Collaborative Thinking Measuring Market Concentration (Competition) by Scott Sehlhorst on Tyner Blain Project Management and Twitter: A quiet … Read more Links for April 19 2009

Links for Feb 22 2009

Success without failure is impossible. . . by Alexander Muse on Texas Startup Blog Top 10 Outsourcing Trends by Small Businesses in 2009 by Amit Mullerpattan on Small Business Trends CMOs Don’t Get Customer Service??? Yikes! by Ted Mininni on Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix Software Estimating by Glen Alleman on Herding Cats Great leadership is … Read more Links for Feb 22 2009

Risks and issues in Cloud Computing

Bernard Golden has a two-part series on the IT Drilldown Virtualization section of that is informative and interesting. The two-part series, titled The Case Against Cloud Computing (Part 1, Part 2), describes conversations that Golden has had with industry veterans. During these conversations, Golden picks up five main reervations that these industry veterans have … Read more Risks and issues in Cloud Computing

Taking advantage of a Crisis

The Business of IT Blog has an article titled “3 Secrets That Oil Companies Use To Run A Great IT Department” that has some interesting insight from Sunoco‘s head of IT, Peter Whatnell.  According to the article, Whatnell stresses that we need to make sure that we don’t “…waste a good crisis.” What he means … Read more Taking advantage of a Crisis