Cloud Computing and the Desktop Client

Everyone’s moving to the cloud. Rightly so…the cloud brings scalability and agility and it provides opportunities for true innovation by IT groups. Many teams are moving operations and data centers – or parts of data centers – to the Cloud. But there’s more to the Cloud than just a place to store data. The Cloud isn’t […]

Cloud Computing – Evolution? Revolution? Yes.

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Christian Verstraete, HP’s Chief Technologist for the Cloud, wrote a nice piece over on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled Cloud, Evolution or Revolution? In that post, Mr. Verstraete asks the basic question – is “cloud computing is a revolution, a paradigm shift, or not“. The […]

Links for Jan 30 2011

On Leadership, Teams, Success & Happiness by Mark Suster on Both Sides of the Table Quote: It’s my belief that through exceptional leadership you attract great teams that do more than the sum of the parts. Nearly every company faces its crisis moments and only through the inspiration, focus and dedication of the leadership can […]

Links for June 20 2010

Lead From The Front and The Back by Simon Sinek on Re:Focus: Yes leadership is about leading, standing out front.  Yes leadership is about painting a picture, a vision of the future that does not yet exist.  Yes leadership is about being a beacon for people to follow.  But great leadership is about turning back […]

Focus of the CIO for 2010 and Beyond

I’m a bit slow on my reading lately….so bear with me as I catch up. Just read through the 2010 State of the CIO Survey published by A few highlights: This year, nearly one third—30 percent—of the 594 IT leaders we polled say meeting or beating business goals is a personal leadership competency critically […]

Do you have a technology strategy?

Gene asks “Is Cloud Computing part of your Strategic Plan?” While Gene’s question is a fair one, I have to ask a much simpler question….do you have a technology strategic plan? Or at the very least, do you discuss technology and/or IT in your organization’s strategic plan? I know its a simple question….but its an […]

Will 2010 be revolutionary or evolutionary for CIO’s and IT?

I ran across a press release from Progress Software, that I though worth sharing with my regular The New CIO series readers. Below, you’ll find an excerpt from the press release along with my commentary on these predictions.  You gotta love December…always some “Top 10 list for…” or “Predictions for…” to read. Progress Software’s CTO […]

Don’t let the big (or small) words win – The New CIO Series

In the world of  technology we tend to use either really big words, really small words and/or acronyms. What do you think of when you think of  ‘the cloud’ what do you think of?  Do you think about Amazon‘s EC2 or S3 or do you think about  “Parallel and Distributed Processing”?  Both could be right […]

Links for Oct 18 2009

What Human Business And the Social Web Are About by Chris Brogan on The Insider Threat: What CIOs Need To Know by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Accidental Successful CIO Collaboration between Business and IT Leads to Innovation by Isaac Sacolick on Social, Agile, and Transformation We Learn Best from Other People by Rosa […]

The Future of IT and the CIO – The New CIO Series

The New CIO is a weekly article about the challenges facing today’s CIO as well as what can be done to prepare for future challenges. A few months ago, I aksed a question on LinkedIn about the role of the CIO (read the original question & responses): Will the CIO role change in the next […]