Cloud Computing – Evolution? Revolution? Yes.

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Christian Verstraete, HP’s Chief Technologist for the Cloud, wrote a nice piece over on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled Cloud, Evolution or Revolution? In that post, Mr. Verstraete asks the basic question – is “cloud computing is a revolution, a paradigm shift, or not“. The … Read more

Focus of the CIO for 2010 and Beyond

I’m a bit slow on my reading lately….so bear with me as I catch up. Just read through the 2010 State of the CIO Survey published by A few highlights: This year, nearly one third—30 percent—of the 594 IT leaders we polled say meeting or beating business goals is a personal leadership competency critically … Read more

Do you have a technology strategy?

Gene asks “Is Cloud Computing part of your Strategic Plan?” While Gene’s question is a fair one, I have to ask a much simpler question….do you have a technology strategic plan? Or at the very least, do you discuss technology and/or IT in your organization’s strategic plan? I know its a simple question….but its an … Read more