Links for March 14 2010

Strategy Is Boring by Kneale Mann on One Mann’s Opinion Are you stress testing your IT strategies? by Christina Torode on TotalCIO Innovation and the Future by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose IT Leaders: Building the Next-Generation Bosses By Thomas Hoffman on CIOInsight Teaching Entrepreneurship – By Getting Out of the Building by Steve … Read more

Links for August 30, 2009

Social Media and IT Security: Adversaries or Partners? by Steve Radick on Social Media Strategery The T.S. Eliot Guide to Success by Mark McGuinness on Lateral Action Passing the Buck and Ethics by Jeremy Pepper on POP! PR Jots What will be disrupted next? by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose Why Leaders Need Stories: … Read more

Links for Aug 23, 2009

How to SWOT away Strategic Planning by Steve Neiderhauser The Role of the CTO: Four Models for Success by Bob Gourley on A Tendency to Blame and an Inability to Confront by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters blog Enterprise 2.0 Does Not Necessarily Mean Power To The People by G. Oliver Young on … Read more

Keeping your IT staff Engaged and Happy – The New CIO Series

The New CIO is a weekly article about the challenges facing today’s CIO as well as what can be done to prepare for future challenges. Today’s CIO is having a tough time. They’re being asked to do more with less.  Budgets are being slashed.  Projects are being canceled.  Tough times indeed. What can the CIO … Read more

The New CIO – a new weekly series

I’ve been thinking about writing a weekly article and finally found a topic that I think lends itself well to this approach. I’m planning on writing about ‘The New CIO” and covering topics that CIO’s today (and tomorrow) need to be thinking about, planning for, and doing to meet the needs of the organization in … Read more