Links for Nov 28 2010

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The need for connection & engagement in education by Garr Reynolds on Presentation Zen Quote: Few people think that the formal education systems around the world are perfect. In fact, virtually everyone realizes that changes — even massive paradigm shifts — are needed Chasing Returns by Fred Wilson on A VC Quote: I do think … Read more

Time for IT to Evolve

It is time for IT to change

Mark McDonald over on Gartner’s blog network wrote a great piece this week titled Everything is up for grabs, making it a great time to be in IT. In the post, Mark argues that everything in the world of IT is up for grabs and things are changing. In it, he argues these key points: … Read more

On Change

I’ve been reading Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath & Dan Heath (amazon affiliate link).   If you haven’t read the book…check it out…some good insight into why people change…and why they don’t. The basic premise of the book is that most change efforts fail. Change efforts don’t fail just … Read more

Links for October 31 2010

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The Consumerization of IT By Zack Urlocker on GigaOm Quote: In a recent presentation, Lew Cirne, CEO of application performance management vendor New Relic (it’s an anagram), revealed the company now has 5,000 customers and just one sales rep. That’s astonishing. Cirne points out that there’s a new class of customers for whom “there is … Read more

Complexity & IT

Complexity & IT

Ray Ozzie is leaving Microsoft. After it was announced that he was leaving, he published a memo on his blog. The memo, titled Dawn of  a New Day,  is an excellent read. In fact, I’m in awe of people who can write like Mr. Ozzie can. While reading through the memo (yes…I read the whole … Read more

What’s the difference between a CIO and CMO?

question mark

Some smart-ass (like me) will probably say “1 letter”….but let’s dive into that question a little more deeply. Last week, in an article titled “CIO’s vs. CMO’s – what’s the real problem?“, I shared the following 2010 goals/projects that CIO’s and CMO’s are reportedly working on.   In that article I also promised a discussion of … Read more