The Role of the CIO: Mentor

The latest edition of CIO Magazine has an interesting article titled “Power from Your People” written by Karan Sorenson, VP & CIO at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. In the article, Sorenson makes an interesting claim: The role of CIO goes far beyond ‘leading IT’…it includes mentoring employees and developing employees throughout the organization. In most … Read more

CIO Magazine’s CIO 100 Honorees List

The 21st annual CIO 100 list has just been delivered. The article leading up to the list of the CIO 100 is quite interesting..I’m reading things like “think like the business”, “doing more with less”, “insourcing“, “transforming the business”, “agility”, “back to basics” and “simplicity”.  Rather than a bunch of buzzwords (OK…except for ‘transforming’), the … Read more

Information Technology Challenges

I asked the following question on LinkedIn earlier this week and received some very insightful responses: What are the top challenges in IT organization’s today? In reading the various magazines, blogs and websites out there (, etc) on the subject, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many many issues facing IT groups today. … Read more

Information Technology Strategy

The topic of Information Technology Strategy is one that is near and dear to my heart.  In fact, I’ve harped on this subject a few times (a few posts for your reading please can be found here, here and here and you can find all posts related to the topic with this search). Why is … Read more

Technology Selection Revisted

If you didn’t believe my ramblings in “Common Sense and Technology Selection“, I’ve got a nice anecdotal (and funny) story that backs up my assertion that common sense is lacking in the technology selection process in most organizations. Jump over to The Daily WTF and read this story….I’ll wait for you. Go. Did you read … Read more