Driving transformation with IT starts with transforming IT

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I was just perusing the Enterprise CIO Forum and noticed the video of Canadian Pacific’s CIO Heather Campbell titled Canadian Pacific CIO transforms IT function.  In the video, the CIO describes the transformation if the Canadian Pacific IT group and their long road from an ‘under-performing’ group that was … Read more

Which comes first…IT Change or Organizational Change?

I’m starting to see more people talk about the real need for change within  IT groups.  The big analyst/consulting companies (Forester, Garnter, etc) are putting out a lot of ‘change’ blog posts and articles…see Khalid Kark’s The New CIO — Embrace The Empowered Era Or Step Aside or most of Mark McDonald‘s stuff on his Garnter blog … Read more

Social Media – Driving changes for IT?

This was originally posted on InfoBoom.  Reposting here for my regular readers. I recently wrote a post titled Social – A Culture, not a tool that describes a “light bulb moment” that a friend of mine had when thinking about Social media’s use in marketing and PR. In that post, I outline how a friend … Read more