Building an Agile IT Group

Like the data center in most organizations, IT groups have been undergoing a transformation over the last few years. IT leaders have constantly been on the lookout for new systems, technologies, people and skills to meet the ‘do more with less’ mantra while continuing to build out the capabilities required of their teams. Thankfully, CIO’s […]

Links for Nov 18 2012

Change Trumps Technology Quote: So, do I think your organization should be advancing into the digital/social media world? Absolutely. But you’d better FIRST build your organizational capacity to change your own management to meet the needs of today’s environment. That’s what gets you into the playoffs–and digital acumen is what puts you on top. Big […]

Move. Move fast. Move true.

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just noticed a post over on the Enterprise CIO Forum by Joel Dobbs titled What CIOs (and other executives) can learn from Research In Motion’s dramatic decline. Its a good read with some good points about the downfall of what once was a great company with a bright future. A […]

The Changing role of the CIO

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I’ve been writing for months (years?) about the changes coming to IT and the role of the CIO.  My “New CIO” topic is littered with posts about the changes being seen today and those changes that are coming down the road. Many others have been writing about it […]

An IT Revolution, Evolution or more of the same?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. We in the IT world like to talk a lot about the ‘new’ IT, the future of IT and the the need for IT to ‘change’. Whether that change is focused on aligning with the business, being more agile, moving to the cloud or just plain providing ‘value’ […]

Time to change the ‘sign’ of IT & Technology

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just read a short article on the Enterprise CIO Forum written by Charles Bess titled Landing a few points about cloud and the shifting expectations of a CIO.  In the article, Charles talks about a few different things but one sentence really caught my eye. Charles wrote: […]

Driving transformation with IT starts with transforming IT

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I was just perusing the Enterprise CIO Forum and noticed the video of Canadian Pacific’s CIO Heather Campbell titled Canadian Pacific CIO transforms IT function.  In the video, the CIO describes the transformation if the Canadian Pacific IT group and their long road from an ‘under-performing’ group that was […]

Which comes first…IT Change or Organizational Change?

I’m starting to see more people talk about the real need for change within  IT groups.  The big analyst/consulting companies (Forester, Garnter, etc) are putting out a lot of ‘change’ blog posts and articles…see Khalid Kark’s The New CIO — Embrace The Empowered Era Or Step Aside or most of Mark McDonald‘s stuff on his Garnter blog […]

Forrester on The New CIO – Change is needed, but will it be heeded?

I’ve been writing about The New CIO for a little over 2 years and I still see many of the same issues within IT shops and CIO offices that I saw in 2009.  Thankfully, Forrester has now decided to write about the topic. Gosh..they are slow. 🙂 In an article titled The New CIO — Embrace […]

A look into RIM’s Culture?

I ran across a great post this morning over on Boy Genius Report titled Open letter to BlackBerry bosses: Senior RIM exec tells all as company crumbles around him.  Its a long letter but very very insightful. First off there are a lot of lessons to learn from that letter.  A couple of key sentences: You have many […]