Humanity and Business

Can an organization be built on individuality with a focus on bringing humanity back to business? I think so. The modern day corporation was developed to build ‘stuff’.  To build ‘stuff’, organization was needed.  To keep the organization flowing, management was needed.  Management created processes, procedures, flowcharts, operational efficiencies, human resources, etc etc etc. Many … Read more

Does Outsourcing affect Customer Loyalty?

A recent study by researchers at University of Michigan and University of Richmond shows that outsourcing/offshoring certain aspects of your business can affect customer loyalty. The research, titled “Does Offshoring Impact Customer Satisfaction?” and posted on the Social Science Research Network, points to collected data that shows: offshoring of front office processes that interface directly … Read more

McKinsey on Responding to Competition

Interesting study released by McKinsey has just been released titled “How companies respond to competitors: A McKinsey Global Survey.” The study, which is surprisingly concise, has some interesting information, but as all things McKinsey, there is a sales pitch involved.  The main ‘abstract’ of this report says: Management theory suggests that companies facing serious competitive … Read more