The Future of IT & the CIO – Redux of the Dodo?

The future of the information technology group  has been determined…and it doesn’t look good. See that bird over there? That’s the Dodo.  He’s extinct. Will IT follow the Dodo into extinction? I don’t think so…but without some real changes in how iT groups do business, many IT groups may find themselves on the endangered list. … Read more

Glenn Whitfield asks “IT Project or Business Project?”

I hope everyone out there is reading Glenn Whitfield’s great blog IT Business Alignment (IT2B).  I’ll wait for you while you jump over and check out Glenn’s website. Back?  good. Glenn wrote a piece titled “IT Project or Business Project?” that really blew me away with it’s simple approach to leading projects by first asking … Read more

Innovation and Outsourcing – Do they go together?

According to a research report released by The Hackett Group, and reported by Financial Week, they don’t. The Financial Week article, titled “Customers say innovation not part of outsourcers’ services“, describes The Hackett Group’s research.  A few excerpts: In a new study, the Hackett Group, a consulting and advisory firm, found that businesses that have … Read more

Hiding behind your Role

A recent article by J Schwan at The Technology Edge titled “Stop Hiding Behind your Role and Get it Done” has an interesting spin on the world of technology and getting things done.  J Schwan writes: …in order for a project to succeed we need to stop hiding behind our roles and get back to … Read more