Using Big Data – Examples from IBM

IBM just released a few announcements related to Big Data. Namely, the use of big data and analytics to better understand and target customers. The announcements (and the infographic below) provide some interesting, real-world examples of using data to make decisions on not only marketing but also operations. The press releases can be found here … Read more

Links for April 14 2013

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Young and Hungry – carpe factum Quote: Young and hungry is not about ego. In proving itself, young and hungry lets the accomplishment trump the personality. We’ll let Kim Jong Un stay in North Korea, thank you very much. We have enough little dictators invading our cubicles already. Young and hungry is not autocratic. It … Read more

Links for March 31 2013

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Global IT Spend Will Rise 4.1% To $3.8 Trillion In 2013, ‘A Calm Ocean With Turbulent Currents’, With Mobile Driving Growth | TechCrunch Quote: After devices, Gartner notes that enterprise software will be the second-biggest growth segment, up 6.4% to $297 billion, or just under 8% of all IT spend. Gartner notes that database management … Read more

Is Big Data too big for small business?

Big Data.  Two small words with huge meaning. Do a search for “big data” on Google and you’ll find over 23 million results. Do a book search on amazon for ‘big data’ (affiliate link) and you’ll get over 5,000 results (I’m actually surprised the number is that low). Big Data has a few different connotations.   There are … Read more

Links for Feb 3 2013

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Be Vulnerable – Feld Thoughts Quote: The great leaders I know are vulnerable. Maybe not to everyone, maybe not all the time, and maybe not in all contexts. But the allow themselves to be, simply, themselves. Human. They allow others in. They know they can be wrong. They know they can fail. And they know … Read more