These folks aren’t boring

OK…now that I’ve riled up “America’s Greatest Marketer” by calling him Boring, how about I show some love for some folks who are saying some great things right now.

Check out some of these Blogs for great content:

OK…now that I’ve placed these folks on notice, they have to keep the great work going 🙂

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Links for May 31 2009

Why Messages Aren’t Enough by Amber Naslund on Altitude Branding

The first step towards being a networked nonprofit: Simplicity by Beth Kanter on Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Walking The Fine Line Of The Personal Brand by Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer

Opening up and letting go to strengthen market position by Paul Miller

Leadership 2.0, and How Not to Achieve it Umair Haque on

10 Golden Rules of Social Media by Aliza Sherman on WebWorkerDaily

Should Incentives Be Used If You Aren’t Ready to Fire Someone? by Kris Dunn on The HR Capitalist

Trouble Shoot Your Way to Recovery by John Baldoni on

What Makes Social Media Social? by Bas de Baar on Project Shrink

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