Links for March 21 2010

Too Big to Trust? Or Too Untrustworthy to Scale? by Charles H. Green on┬áTrust Matters Preach it Brother Edelman by Robbin Phillips on Brains On Fire Blog Marketing Can’t Be Controlled By a Dashboard by Jonathan Baskin on Baskin Dim Bulb The Key to Strategic Agility by Samuel B. Bacharach on The Bacharach Blog Winning … Read more

Information Technology Leadership & Alignment

If you’re in business today (especially in the Information Technology space), you’ve no doubt heard of the need to ‘align IT to the business’ or something similar…you may have even heard me talk about it (see here and here). The majority of my time in my consulting practice revolves around the idea of alignment and … Read more

Aligning Business and Technology with People

Mike Schaffner posted an interesting article titled “Hiring the Right / Wrong IT People to Achieve Alignment” in which he pointed at a recent article by Dr. George E. Strouse titled “Are You Hiring the Wrong IT Staff to Achieve Your Alignment Goals?” that appeared on Check both articles out. An excerpt from Dr. … Read more

IT and Business Alignment – Survey Results

Diamond Consultants released the results of their Digital IQ Survey recently (download the full survey here) that provides some very interesting (and surprising?) insights into Business and IT Alignment. Before we dive into the results, let’s set the stage with some basic info about the survey: 456 executives surveyed with about half the respondents being … Read more

Organizational Alignment and Project Success

Organization Alignment seems like one of those ‘touchy feely’ things that most technical folks would rather not discuss but it’s actually quite relevant to success in todays technology and project driven organizations. Note: For books on organizational alignement, check out these amazon books: Books on Organizational Alignment. Organizational alignment is the practice of aligning an … Read more