Oh boy! Another Project Management Certification…

I just saw an announcement that the Project Management Institute has a new Project Management Certification for Agile that they are piloting now (hat tip to PM Bistro). According to the description on PMI’s webpage about their new Agile certification, the new certificate will: validate a practitioner’s ability to understand Agile principles and concepts. The … Read more

Links for Dec 19 2010

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Unlocking the Mayor Badge of Meaninglessness by Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review Quote: Social media needs to enlarge its blinkered, myopic perspective on what the social really means. Trivialization, dehumanization, enslaved by the promise of a point, a badge, or a trophy, another friend, follower, or fan — that’s the very definition of antisocial … Read more

Sunday Links for Sept 12 2010

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Enterprises Consider Business Agility As A Primary Driver Towards Cloud By Krishnan Subramanian on CloudAve Quote: This report has a quantitative survey of IT executives from businesses of all sizes and shapes. Anyone wanting to understand the cloud adoption trends will find this report interesting. Top IT managers in enterprises will find this report useful … Read more

Big ideas vs Little ideas

Would you rather have one great big idea or tons of little ideas? Me?  I’m fond of having a lot of little ideas. Why?  Little ideas are easier to understand, easier to fund and easier to implement. Little ideas can be brought to life with less effort when compared  to the great big idea.  A … Read more

Agility & Business

Michael Hugos had a really good post on CIO.com titled “Agility Means Simple Things Done Well, Not Complex Things Done Fast” that provided the best definition of “agility’ that I’ve found.  He writes: Experience shows me (again and again) that agility is not about working fast but about finding elegantly simple solutions to business problems. … Read more