Sunday Links for Sept 12 2010

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  • Enterprises Consider Business Agility As A Primary Driver Towards Cloud By Krishnan Subramanian on CloudAve

    Quote: This report has a quantitative survey of IT executives from businesses of all sizes and shapes. Anyone wanting to understand the cloud adoption trends will find this report interesting. Top IT managers in enterprises will find this report useful while devising their cloud strategy. For me, this report gave me a clue about the short term trends among the enterprises.

  • Let Them See You as Human by Mary Jo Asmus on Aspire-CS

    Quote: Connecting through being seen and having conversations will help you to learn about others views of the organization and help them to get to know you. It provides a venue for discussing to connect people with the work of the organization and it helps people to see you as human.

  • We don’t like that estimate. Change it. by Peter Kretzman on CTO/CIO Perspectives

    Quote: Where’s the CIO/CTO in all of this? Supplying active leadership: educating everyone on the tenets above, coaching, cajoling, reminding, monitoring.  Strong leadership can and does reduce these common “we don’t like that estimate” kinds of proposed “solutions”. In fact, it is the mettle of the mature and successful CIO/CTO that they constantly “upward and sideways” manage their peers and management to get them to understand the cold harsh realities and weigh appropriate and reasonable trade-offs.

  • Don’t Let Your Hiring Process Be Like The DPS by Kathy Rapp on Fistful of Talent

    Quote: Even though I’m now in the search business, I don’t relish hearing top candidates tell me how they walked away from companies simply due to their poor experiences with internal recruiting teams/processes.  It is amazing how many HR teams still don’t get how vital first impressions can be – and that their front-line recruiter and/or process IS the first impression.

  • We’ve got leaders. What we need is leadership by Wally Bock on Three Star Leadership Blog

    Quote: Don’t be misled by all the jargon and the hype. If you’re responsible for a group, you’ve got to do leadership, you’ve got to do management, and you’ve got to do supervision. Don’t worry about what you are, pay attention to what you’re doing and what your group is doing, and you’ll be on the road to success.

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  1. Links for your sunday reading pleasure – from @wallybock, @mjasmus @PeterKretzman and more – #leadership, #cio, #hr

  2. Sunday Links for Sept 12 2010 via @EricDBrown

  3. Links for your sunday reading pleasure – from @wallybock, @mjasmus @PeterKretzman and more –…

  4. Links for your sunday reading pleasure – from @wallybock, @mjasmus @PeterKretzman and more –…

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