Saturn Aura – Final Update??

Well…it looks like Saturn might be doing the right thing now.

Just received a call from Saturn’s National Assistance Center and was told that they will replace my car and that the paperwork is getting prepared now.

I hope to have a reliable car soon!

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2 responses to “Saturn Aura – Final Update??”

  1. Scot Herrick Avatar

    One just needs to be utterly persistent and go high enough in an organization to find the right people who care about the customer. But, what a pain.

    We shall see. This is progress, but it isn’t over until it is over.

  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    Persistent is the only way this type of thing will get resolved. I think the majority of dealerships and manufacturers expect people to ‘give up’ and live with the car…but that’s not me 🙂