Saturn Aura Final Update

For those that haven’t read about it, I had some problems with my brand new Saturn Aura last year. I had the car for 4 months and only got to drive it ~ 3months because it was in the shop so much. Read more about the saga here.

The last update I provided (here), I was in the process of picking out a car. Well…I picked out a Saab 9-3 2.0T and drove it off the lot Jan 31 (I’m really late in providing this update). Surprisingly, the process was very smooth once GM decided to replace the car. I found the car I wanted, gave GM the VIN and signed some paperwork and I was good to go.

I can’t say enough good things about Sewell Saab of Plano and the person I worked with there (Bryan Barton). If you are in the Dallas area, I’d highly recommend looking into the Sewell family for your automobile needs….if you aren’t in Dallas, I’d still recommend giving them a call…best car dealership I’ve ever dealt with.

Here’s a pic of the new car:

From 2008-New Saab

2 responses to “Saturn Aura Final Update”

  1. Liz Weide Avatar
    Liz Weide

    Do you know if this same problem was found on the 2008 Aura XE? We just picked up our new car on 3/21 and are having the same problem by 3/24.

  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    Hi Liz – I haven’t heard of this problem on the 2008 Aura but I don’t believe that there has been any major computer/electrical changes so I expect that it would still exist.

    I would immediately call the Saturn Customer Service 800 number and get a case started with their national group…this will help with documenting the problem and help get their national folks involved.