Bernard Golden has a two-part series on the IT Drilldown Virtualization section of that is informative and interesting.

The two-part series, titled The Case Against Cloud Computing (Part 1, Part 2), describes conversations that Golden has had with industry veterans. During these conversations, Golden picks up five main reervations that these industry veterans have against Cloud Computing.  Golden writes:

There are five key impediments to enterprise adoption of cloud computing, according to my conversations. I will discuss each in a separate posting for reasons of length. The five key impediments are:

  • Current enterprise apps can’t be migrated conveniently
  • Risk: Legal, regulatory, and business
  • Difficulty of managing cloud applications
  • Lack of SLA
  • Lack of cost advantage for cloud computing

Some interesting thoughts there…and I think they are all valid concerns.

Think about the “lack of SLA” concern….I’ve not run across a single cloud computing app that offers an SLA  guaranteeing service, reliability, data safety or security.

Jump over and read Golden’s commentary and thoughts…some interesting stuff there.

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