Research Interests

Over the past few years I have become much more interested in research and have been reading and researching various topics. A few of the topics that I am currently researching (or hope to look at in the future) are:

Project Management

  • Strategic Project Management – The alignment of business strategy and project management.
  • Project Portfolio Management – The selection, balancing and prioritizing of projects to ensure optimal value for an organization.
  • Project Success/Failure measures – I am interested in studying the reasons behind the success and/or failure of projects
  • Project Management Scorecards – Implementing a balanced scorecard measurement and reporting system within Project Management
  • Program Management – Managing multiple projects to ensure proper alignment and success.
  • Forecasting in Projects – Using forecasting methods and models to forecast project performance and risks.
  • Human Factors in Projects – The study of the resource allocation and usage within a project framework.
  • Project Management Methodologies and Practices – Various methodologies and theory’s (e.g., PMI’s PMBOK, Critical Chain, etc) and the study of ways to improve these methodologies
  • Project Leadership – How to turn project managers into Project Leaders.

Technology Management

  • Strategic use of technology
  • Product Management
  • Innovation

Leadership & Management

  • Organizational Leadership – Interests include methods to improve leadership abilities within non-managerial employees.
  • Participative Management (aka Open Book Management) – Interests include the usage and implementation of an open management style based on trust.
  • Servant Leadership – Interests include emphasizing trust, empathy and collaboration.

Human Resources

  • Strategic use of People – Interests include the strategic use of human resources, human resource information systems, etc.
  • Human Factors in Projects – The study of the resource allocation and usage within a project framework.

The topics listed above are quite interesting (to me at least) and the amount of research within each topic can be quite consuming. If anyone has any good articles and/or research in these areas, feel free to share them with me.