References & Testimonials

References & Client Testimonials

Below are some quotes from references. These quotes originated on my LinkedIn profile (see here).

  • A great support and implementation manager. Good with staff and customers. I endorse his work 100%.- Ian Chapman worked with Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Eric had a strong grasp of project management and led our team through many successful projects. I would enjoy working with him again in the future.- Terry Franklin reported to Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Eric is a very effective manager with excellent operational and solid business skills. Eric’s leadership and integrity earned him the respect of his people and customers. Eric has a lot of energy and has a knack for getting things done.- Johannes D. Terblanche worked with Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Excellent management and interpersonal skills. Strong technical knowledge. Incorruptible business ethics. Plans ahead. Makes sure deliverables are on schedule and the resources to meet them are adequate. Takes good care of his subordinates. Overall, a great guy to work with.- Julius Catral, Principal Consultant, Marconi reported to Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • A very responsible and flexible individual. Open to new ideas and suggestions. Keen ability to identify and solve problems. Overall, I was very pleased working for Eric.- Hector Beltran reported to Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Always sensitive to customers’ needs and expectations, Eric created and maintained good relationships with customers on one hand, and worked with internal organizations on the other as an advocate of the customer. As a manager, Eric is exceptionally supportive of his team. He inspires his team members to always perform better, and provides them with confidence in their abilities.- Agastya Kohli, Service Account Manager, Marconi Wireless reported to Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Eric was a great person to report to. He was always open and supportive of new, innovative ideas. He expressed concern for his direct reports, and was always available. He has a unique ability to drive his direct reports to succeed and was able to help if needed. I fully endorse Eric’s technical and managerial abilities.- David Howard, TAC Analyst, Marconi reported to Eric at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • I worked with Eric for several years at MSI/Marconi. It was always a pleasure to deal with him or any of his team. His professionalism and attitude towards our customers and business were first rate and his ability to pick up and succeed with new roles makes him an asset to any team, regardless of sector.- Guy Perryman, Technical Services Manager, Marconi worked directly with Eric Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • To say that Eric Brown is a polished and knowledgeable professional is an understatement. Eric has had a huge impact on my career as he has acted as a guiding light. He worked with me in a training and development role to help me become a better project manager and expanded my knowledge of enterprise environments. I can honestly say that Eric has helped me develop into an expert in my industry and enabled me to achieve company-wide recognition for my efforts. He has done so by providing me with ideas, tools and resources that are tangible and innovative through activities such as one-on-one consulting. His best practices and lessons in client management have been integral to my growth when mentoring to others. He is a proactive force, constantly organizing meetings of the minds to foster intellectual growth. His personable approach allows me to feel comfortable while receiving his recommendations. Overall, I could not be more pleased to recommend Eric as an expert in the IT industry. His integrity-based approach coupled with his expertise makes his services a tremendous value. Eli Lindsey, Consultant, DigIT Technologies worked indirectly for Eric D. at digIT Technologies.
  • I consider Eric to be an expert in wireless telecommunications and business management. He is a multi-faceted business professional held in high regard by his colleagues and business partners. Steve Wiley, Software Developer, Sourcecorp Tax Benefits Group worked with Eric D. at Independent Consultant
  • For the period I reported to Eric, he was a resourceful, honest and open supervisor. Eric has a great combination of solid Business/Technical skills along with strong “soft” skills where he was able to encourage his team through a difficult transition. Tom Holman, Technical Operations Manager, Marconi Wireless reported to Eric D. at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
  • Eric and I worked together reporting to the same VP, but had different software products to manage. Eric was a pleasure to collaborate and work with. I was amazed at his capability to juggle multiple priority projects, project assignments and ability for his team to deliver. Elaine Kavalok, Director – Professional Services & Customer Support, Marconi worked directly with Eric D. at Marconi Wireless (MSI)
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