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Photography is tough

I thought I was fairly intelligent when it comes to technology, software and gadgets….until I met the world of photography. Wow. I feel like such a non-geek in this realm.

As you might have read, my wife started a photography business (Jordan Brown Photography) and while helping her learn more about the business and the technologies behind photography I realized I know very little about this particular field of technology.

For some reason, taking a good picture isn’t as easy as pushing a button…it requires a lot of work plus a good eye for capturing those special moments.

To all you photographers out there who’ve mastered this particular area of technology, my hat is off to you.

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Eric D. Brown, D.Sc. is a data scientist, technology consultant and entrepreneur with an interest in using data and technology to solve problems. When not building cool things, Eric can be found outside with his camera(s) taking photographs of landscapes, nature and wildlife.
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Steve Wiley
16 years ago


I checked out Traci’s web site and the photos are incredible. It sounds like they are definitely on the right track! Me and Rene might have to call them up!

Also, I have have no insight in photography to offer. :)

Eric Brown
16 years ago

Thanks Steve. They are doing fairly well and I’m absolutely amazed at the pictures that they are taking.

I knew I could count on you for not having any insight :)


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