Photography = Addiction

Some of you may know what my wife is a photographer (semi-pro) and that I’ve previously mentioned that ‘Photography is Tough‘…..well…I think I’ve caught the photography ‘addiction’ myself.

I’ve inherited my wife’s old Konica Minolta 5D and have been tagging along with her to take pictures (parks, hiking trails, flowers, etc) and have realized that I enjoy taking pictures! So much so that I’ve been putting off some of my research and reading for school to read about photography and lenses and appreatures and…well…you get the picture.

Any hints on how to beat this addiction? 🙂

3 responses to “Photography = Addiction”

  1. TJ McDowell Avatar

    Yea, I didn’t win over that myself. My wife got me started, and now we’re full time with our photo studio.

    1. Eric D. Brown, D.Sc. Avatar

      The addictions keep getting worse don’t they? Nice photos…you and your wife do good work.

      1. TJ McDowell Avatar

        Yep, they definitely do. Thanks for the compliment!