Small Business Technology Consulting

I help organizations understand how to merge business and technology. While I am a geek and technologist, my entire career has been on the business side of organizations. I understand technology, IT, business, strategy, marketing and communications and I now use this experience to help small businesses use technology to grow. My career has found … Read more

Data, Technology and Strategy Consultant – Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.

  Feel free to email or call me at 972-890-4058 to talk about how I can help with your  Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing / Sentiment Analysis and Technology Strategy projects. A quick description of my background I’m a consultant and entrepreneur who focuses on using technology and data to solve business problems. … Read more

Marketers – You have too many choices

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018)

I have a little secret for everyone in the world of marketing: You have too many choices. There are way too many technology platforms in existence today. Too many ‘tools’ and too many products.  You have too many choices when it comes to getting your work done. Let’s take a quick second to glance at … Read more

The Gap between the CIO and CMO – is it narrowing?

I recently ran across a survey titled “Big Data’s Biggest Role – Aligning the CMO & CIO” that was put together by the CMO Council and SAS. The survey, which contained responses from 237 marketing and 211 IT executives, has some very interesting results. A few of the highlights from the survey: 85% of respondents … Read more

How do you define the CIO role?

While doing a bit of research on the role of the CIO for an article I was writing earlier this week, I ran across this definition of Chief Information Officer from Gartner: The person responsible for planning, choosing, buying and installing a company’s computer and information-processing operation. After reading that, I had to check the … Read more

The first step into the cloud

Last week, I had a conversation with a CIO of a mid-sized firm. The organization has been struggling with incorporating the cloud into their technology plans. Our conversation was centered around the cloud and, specifically, how to use the cloud to replace the aging solutions and platforms currently used by this organization. For a few … Read more