Small Business Technology Consulting

I help organizations understand how to merge business and technology. While I am a geek and technologist, my entire career has been on the business side of organizations. I understand technology, IT, business, strategy, marketing and communications and I now use this experience to help small businesses use technology to grow. My career has found … Read more

Data, Technology and Strategy Consultant – Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.

  Feel free to email or call me at 972-890-4058 to talk about how I can help with your  Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing / Sentiment Analysis and Technology Strategy projects. A quick description of my background I’m a consultant and entrepreneur who focuses on using technology and data to solve business problems. … Read more

Keeping your IT staff Engaged and Happy – The New CIO Series

The New CIO is a weekly article about the challenges facing today’s CIO as well as what can be done to prepare for future challenges. Today’s CIO is having a tough time. They’re being asked to do more with less.  Budgets are being slashed.  Projects are being canceled.  Tough times indeed. What can the CIO … Read more

This one skill will make you a data science rockstar

Image for data science rockstar

Want to be a data science rockstar? of course you do! Sorry for the clickbait headline, but I wanted to reach as many people as I can with this important piece of information. Want to know what the ‘one skill’ is? It isn’t python or R or Spark or some other new technology or platform.  … Read more

Digital Maturity or Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation or Digital Maturity

Everyone’s working on digital transformation projects.  Much like ‘big data’ or ‘machine learning’, digital transformation is a phrase that you hear every day across just about every organization. The problem with digital transformation is that its not the end goal….you don’t set a goal of ‘being transformed’ especially when you’re looking at the digital space.  … Read more