Competitive Advantage – The Human Capital approach

I was asked recently to describe how an organization can use its human capital to create competitive advantage. I fell into the trap of using Porter’s descriptions and other schemes of describing what it is and how to achieve it and while I was talking I saw eyes glazing over and people losing interest very … Read more


Note: I have recently co-founded community for Doctoral Students. This community can be found at ┬áIf you have questions about the doctoral process, doctoral programs and/or want to interact with people like yourself, please join us at the community for Doctoral Students, Candidates and Hopefuls. As mentioned on my “About” page and my “Resume” … Read more

The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking

Question: Want to know one of my pet peeves (hint: re-read the title of this post)? Answer: Linear Thinking (Books on Linear Thinking). What is linear thinking? A very good description can be found at this website: To continue to look at something from one point of view. To take information or observations from one … Read more