Project Portfolio Management

According to Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) should be something that every project manager should embrace…and I agree. According to Jeannette, there are 3 reasons to embrace PPM: PPM brings realism to an organization’s planning processes. PPM brings rationality in the allocation of resources, both human and financial. PPM brings visibility to project work … Read more

From the UK: Experience more important?

An article on the British Computer Society’s website titled “Companies claim formal IT qualifications unimportant” discusses a survey performed by IT market research company Vanson Bourne. Some results of the survey are: More than 70 percent of HR managers surveyed said they preferred to see relevant work experience on a candidate’s CV over formal qualifications. … Read more

Project Failure

I just ran across a post by Michael Krigsman titled “Eight Causes of IT Project Failure”. According to a recent report from the UK National Audit office about IT project failures, the following reasons were cited as the top reasons for failure: Lack of clear link between the project and the organization’s key strategic priorities, … Read more

The Hiring Process

Recently I’ve been involved in helping a good friend (we’ll call him Jim) search for a job. He has been unemployed now for quite some time and he is getting very frustrated with the job search (as am I). Jim has over 12 years of IT, operational and project management experience and has even been … Read more

Craig Weatherup on Leadership

I was just reading through one of my favorite blogs (David Maister’s People, Passion and Principles) and was delighted to read about David listening to former Pepsi executive Craig Weatherup discuss leadership. According to all reports of Mr. Weatherup’s character, he is a a down-to-earth, low-key kind of person who practices a hands-on approach to … Read more