Oh boy! Another Project Management Certification…

1965 QANTAS Certificate By Serendigity on flickrI just saw an announcement that the Project Management Institute has a new Project Management Certification for Agile that they are piloting now (hat tip to PM Bistro).

According to the description on PMI’s webpage about their new Agile certification, the new certificate will:

validate a practitioner’s ability to understand Agile principles and concepts. The practitioner can then select “Agile” from their “toolbox” of project management approaches based on the needs and demands of a specific project.

Will I go after this agile cert? I doubt it.  I’m not doing much in realm of formal project management these days. Plus…I’m not a big believer in certificates, even though I earned my PMP in 2006.

I’m not focused on pure project management in my consulting so it may not be worth the effort…but I’m thinking it might be interesting to see what topics the PMI feels are important in an agile project and how I can ‘select’ Agile from my PM toolbox when needed.

That said, don’t let me discourage you from going after it…jump over to the PMI Agile Certification page to learn how you can be a part of the pilot.

Image Credit: 1965 QANTAS Certificate By Serendigity on flickr

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