New Theme & Design

Apologies to all…I’m currently redesigning my site with a new theme (I’m using the Revolution Theme now). The redesign should be painless and hopefully not affect functionality to readers.

Please let me know if you have any troubles.

4 responses to “New Theme & Design”

  1. Will Wilkins Avatar

    I hate to see you stop using IAMWW w2, but the Revolution theme is great and still looks good here!

  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    Hi Will,

    I really debated moving away from IAMWW w2 but I just finished building a blog site for my wife’s photography business (see it at using Revolution and really love the ability to customize.

    Of course, I could have done the same with IAMWW w2 but Revolution provide a great framework for ‘featured pages’ and other cool stuff.

  3. System Review Avatar

    the new theme is great. But i noticed more the new pic 😀

  4. Eric Brown Avatar

    @ System Review:

    Thanks…I like the new pic too…no more pics of me in a suit/tie for me on here. 🙂