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If you didn’t know, I’m working on my Doctor of Science degree in Information Systems at Dakota State University. In the past, I’ve posted updates to this blog about my status but have always felt a bit like those updates (and my journey through the doctorate program) deserved more than just an occasional post on this blog.

So…I started a new blog focused solely on my doctorate work and titled it “The Road to the Doctorate“.  You can find the blog at and you can subscribe to the RSS feed here.    I’ll probably continue to post a few ‘big’ announcements about my progress here but the majority of the journey will be capture on The Road to the Doctorate.

If you’re observant, you’ll notice the ‘BiblioRef‘ domain…that’s a small project I’ve been working on over the last few months.  The initial rollout is a community platform (blogging & discussions) for academics, researchers and students.   I’ve got some interesting ideas for that community and will be working on grow it in the future.  Stay tuned for more on BiblioRef…you can also follow BiblioRef updates via RSS or on Twitter.

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Eric D. Brown, D.Sc. is a data scientist, technology consultant and entrepreneur with an interest in using data and technology to solve problems. When not building cool things, Eric can be found outside with his camera(s) taking photographs of landscapes, nature and wildlife.
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Jim Stroup
14 years ago

Congratulations – and best of luck with both the new blog and the journey!

14 years ago

Thanks Jim!

14 years ago

New blog post: My New Blog – Road to the Doctorate Blog