I finally got fed up with a very small ‘feature’ in Gmail and moved to FuseMail today.

The ‘feature’ is the ‘On Behalf of’ feature that shows email readers a ‘from [email protected] on behalf of [email protected]’ when using Gmail’s “accounts” feature. I got very tired of sending a ‘business’ email from my business account and having someone see this. The issue is discussed in more detail in the following places if you’d like to learn more about why this could be an issue:

Normally I wouldn’t be much of a stickler for a small issue like this, but I when I started using this feature in gmail, I expected that my Gmail account would info be kept private.

Instead of using a FREE email system that I really enjoy (I love the labels and conversations), I decided to spend ~$7 a month for Fusemail and get a product that allows me to aggregate my email, get more storage (6GB + additonal 1GB for $1/month) and control my email experience (and the experience that the readers of the email get too). As an added bonus, Fusemail gives me the ability to add multiple domains’ email accounts as well IMAP access…something Gmail doesn’t and will probably never have (because of the loss of ad revenue?).

I doubt that the $85 per year that I will spend on email hosting will be significant in Google’s eyes….but if enough people start moving from Gmail, perhaps they may open their eyes and do a bit of an upgrade to Gmail. I wonder if my lack of using Gmail will cost them more than $85 in ad revenue per year? I would almost bet that it does.

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