Most Commented Articles for 2008

I recently installed IntenseDebate on my blog and started playing around with the tools available to me.  I noticed that I can easily stats of posts and comments…something I hadn’t really looked at before.

What are my most commented posts from 2008?  See below.

In addition to the top commented posts, I can now see my average ‘comments per post’…which is a measly 0.89 comments per post.   This is a bit strange since I’ve got 655 comments on 314 Posts…which should be 2.09 comments per post.

After reviewing some of the data, I noticed that IntenseDebates’s numbers are for comments only and not trackbacks (which makes sense).  With that knowledge, I guess I’m getting 0.89 comments per post and 1.2 trackbacks per post.

Its amazing that a rant I posted about Blu Domain’s horrible customer service is my number one commented post.

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