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Mobile Connectivity and Your Business

mobile-connectivityI’d like you to do a little experiment with me. I’ve got a little thought experiment that I’d like to run past you

Imagine being a small business owner today. Maybe some of you are small business owners so it’ll be very easy to imagine.

Now, imagine that you are looking to expand your business. You have a few employees and a great group of clients but you think there’s more opportunity for you out there in your field. For the purposes of this little thought experiment, let’s imagine that your business is one that requires constant mobility and client interaction in the field.   Your employees are constantly in their vehicles, at client locations and regularly moving around town.

In the mobile centric world of today, you’ve probably already spent some money on mobility initiatives. Your employees might have a smartphone that they can use to check in with the office or maybe you’ve even gone so far as to give laptops to your team so they can keep up with paperwork between jobs.

With everything you’ve done, you still don’t feel like you’ve taken full advantage of the benefits that mobility offers. You employees still do paperwork, fill out invoices and take payments in the ‘old’ way with checks or using billing statements to the client. You’ve not really taken that leap into the world of full-time mobile connectivity for your business.

You aren’t quite sure why. You know the systems are in place today to allow full-time connectivity. Your employee’s smartphones are always connected to the wireless network and you never have any issue using them for voice or data and they always ‘just work’. Your laptops that your employees use aren’t always connected but when they are connected to a wi-fi network, they give your team the ability to catch up on email, invoicing, billing or other necessary work that keeps a small business running.

You’re almost there though. You really are. Your team may not be connected full-time, but it won’t take much to get there. So why not make the jump?

Mobile Connectivity and Your Business

It is interesting to ponder thought experiments like this. In fact, this is much more than just a thought experiment, it is a reality of many small businesses. Most don’t think they have the technical knowledge to be able to put together an end-to-end solution to allow full-time mobility and connectivity.

While many small business owners aren’t terribly technical, they don’t really need to be. The mobile world of today is so much different than the one that confronted businesses just five years ago. Today, a business owner can walk into just about wireless carrier or electronics/computer store and pick up a tablet, smartphone or wireless device to add to their laptop and be completely mobile.

The infrastructure to be a full-time mobile business is in place today. The backbone is available and reliable to allow your employees to work from anywhere they are.

This is brought to you by Verizon – helping simplify the realities so you can keep dreaming big.

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