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Mike Schaffner on Web 2.0 & IT

Mike has a great post (that also mentions me…shameless plug?) titled Selling Web 2.0 to IT (also on Forbes here) that expands on a previous post of mine and conversation that Mike & I had.

As always, Mike has some great insight…..and really simplified the issue when he writes:

At its heart, Web 2.0 requires a new way of thinking about the inherent technology and also the respective roles of IT and the user community. It is a change. As we all know, change can be difficult and has to be managed.


Did I say Amen? 🙂

Web 2.0 (and the future…Web 3.0?) requires a shift in thinking.  No longer can IT hide behind the business as usual mentality…we’ve got to change our thought processes and embrace our users’ needs.

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[…] Mike Schaffner on Web 2.0 & IT […]

15 years ago

Mike Schaffner on Web 2.0 & IT