Love my Canon 5D & 100-400mm L lens

Spent a few minutes outside shooting some pictures of our ducks, geese and other birds using my new

Canon 5D and Canon 100-400mm lens.  Below is one of the pictures…click through to see a few shots.  The 5D isn’t really new…its a hand-me-down from my wife who recently got the Canon 5D Mark II…she won’t let me touch the Mark II 🙂

Canon 5D 1st Pics

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5 responses to “Love my Canon 5D & 100-400mm L lens”

  1. New blog post: Love my Canon 5D & 100-400mm L lens

  2. TJ McDowell Avatar

    We have the 5D Mark II, but no super zoom lens =) The closest we've got to zoomy is a 70-300 5.6. Always something else to buy, right?
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    1. Eric D. Brown, D.Sc. Avatar

      Always something to buy TJ. Always 🙂

      People used to tell me that photography was an addiction…I didn’t believe them then…but I do now. I always feel the need to go take photos and buy something new 🙂