Links for Oct 20 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • The Secret of Good IT Communications

    Quote: To be brief is to be selective. Choosing only the most important details is crucial. There should be just a few. Arranged carefully in your email, presentation, or pitch, they should support the story you’re trying to tell. Because you’re always telling a story, that’s how we communicate most naturally and most effectively.

  • The CMS Workflow Myth — The CMS Myth

    Quote: If scaling back your workflow model sounds scary, consider the success of Google Docs as a platform for content collaboration. Yes, some basic controls are provided—who can only read, who can comment, who can edit—but otherwise it’s basically a free-for-all. There’s no complex multi-stage approval, no real notion of draft, submitted, final. And many content teams find it far more useful than a complex, multi-stage, system-enforced workflow.

  • Innovate on Purpose: Trust is the missing innovation factor

    Quote: Unfortunately there is in many organizations a lack of trust, in vertical hierarchies and across virtual organizational stovepipes. This lack of trust leads to constrained thinking, cynicism, reduced funding and tight organization definition with a focus on efficiency. When executives trust their teams, even when the teams are doing unusual and unfamiliar work, and when teams trust their executives that the work is valuable and will be implemented, everything else becomes secondary. Tools and processes will improve the state where none exist, but don’t build trust. Expert idea generators and third party consultants can generate more ideas, but may reduce trust between executives and their teams. You can innovate without trust, but with trust innovation will accelerate.

  • 2 Imperatives for the Digital CIO — CIO Dashboard

    Quote: There are two imperatives that the Digital CIO has to put higher on his or her list:1.) Forging Digital Conversations: deep, problem-solving relationships with leaders and peers across the organization, and 2.) Bringing the Outside In: systematic learning about and experimenting with innovations, ideas and technologies emerging from outside the 4 walls of the organization

  • The IT Role in Value Creation is Not a Technology | AVOA

    Quote: It is time to change the paradigm. IT needs to think of itself as a business organization that drives value rather than simply a delivery or technology organization. And transformational IT CIOs are doing just that. There are many who question IT’s ability to contribute to top line value. Based on the traditional paradigm, the question is well supported. However, in the new paradigm, IT can provide top line value creation through new revenue streams. Examples might include online portals or ecommerce activities. IT essentially creates new revenue streams not previously possible.