Links for Sunday Feb 23 2014

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  • What’s Your Story?

    Quote: Taking our corporate strategy, translating it into traceable, optimizable metrics, and using our data and models in a disciplined and iterative manner will allow us to be the best possible company we can be

  • IT Language Lessons « The Dark Side Geek

    Quote: So what is the “common language”? The answer was already there. In an IT organization properly aligned to business objectives, it is the business objectives themselves that provide the common language. Don’t think in terms of us vs. them trying to find some middle ground via Finance. Instead, IT needs to learn to speak in terms of “opportunity management”. What better way to be on the same page with your partners than using the most direct language possible?

  • How To Think

    Quote: If you believe that your school’s mission or your job as a teacher is simply to convey information, then it probably doesn’t seem necessary to subject your students to that kind of rigorous self-analysis. But if you’re trying to help them change their character, then conveying information isn’t enough. And while Spiegel didn’t use the word character to describe what she was teaching, there was a remarkable amount of overlap between the strengths David Levin and Dominic Randolph emphasized and the skills that Spiegel tried to inculcate in her students. Every day, in the classroom and at tournaments, I saw Spiegel trying to teach her students grit, curiosity, self-control, and optimism.

  • The Key For Hadoop Adoption: Learning How To Make Big Data Small – ReadWrite

    Quote: While it remains true that far more people are talking about big data than actually rolling out significant big data projects—Gartner highlights that only 8% of enterprises have actually deployed big data projects despite 64% declaring their intention to do so—the percentage of companies engaging in Hadoop-based big data projects should grow now that its primary proponents are selling substantive, achievable business value rather than Hadoop hype.

  • Do You Really Understand Your Numbers? | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: Know the critical numbers for each week. Know the numbers that lead you to achieving your goals. Know the numbers that look at overall organizational performance, effectiveness and efficiency. Look at longer term trends. Slice and dice the numbers across a number of dimensions–you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

  • MIT study says Twitter can predict major public events like protests — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: An MIT study claims that Twitter can be used to predict major social events, thanks to heavy activity from specific communities.

  • Content Matters When Going Mobile A Smarter Planet Blog

    Quote: In terms of behavior, you need to know when your audience is checking their devices and what kind of information they are looking for when they do. Once you understand your consumer’s behavior, you must then think about your distribution channels.

  • The real promise of big data: It’s changing the whole way humans will solve problems | VentureBeat | Big Data | by Zavain Dar, Innovation Endeavors

    Quote: We’re seeing great emphasis not only in collecting new data, but also in storing and automating the actionability of this data. In the Valley we joke about how the term “big data” is loosely thrown around. It may make more sense to view “big data” not in terms of data size or database type, but rather as a necessary infrastructural evolution as we shift from analytic to synthetic problem solving.

  • How to deal with a Zombie product | On Product Management

    Quote: A zombie product is a product that is not successful by any measure (very few customers, little market share, lacking needed functionality, buggy etc.) but also cannot be “killed” or removed from the market because of some reason or another. Usually the reason for keeping an otherwise failing product on the shelf is that it is viewed as “strategic” or “important” in some way to those higher up in the company.

  • How Good is Your Data? | Big Data Forum

    Quote: Organizations are excited about big data and are looking for ways to incorporate the use of data and analytics, but I rarely hear anyone talking about data management, quality management and lifecycle management of data.