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Links for Sept 8 2013

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  • Anticipate the Corporate Culture of “No!” – Sales Aerobics for Engineers ® Blog

    Quote: Do you work in a Culture of No? Some of you will be defeated by the situation, shoulders slumped, as you return to your cubicle. The design budget wasn’t approved, again. The sale didn’t close, again. Whatever the situation, the corporate culture of “No!” stops you in your tracks. Having a corporate culture of No wastes time and cuts into your ROI, as well.

  • Data is a Game Changer – OCDQ Blog – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality by Jim Harris

    Quote: Properly supported by enabling technologies, businesses of all sizes, and across all industries, can capture and analyze data to uncover hidden patterns and trends that can help them achieve better service, more winners, and fewer unforced errors.

  • Business Analytics Go Great with Your Cleaner, Greener City

    Quote: So take it from the people keeping San Francisco fresh and green: you don’t need to take up weight lifting to get out from under all that data. You just need the right tools to manage it and put it to good use. are exactly what you and your midsize business need.

  • Cloud kudos only grow, as does recognition of its true value | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld

    Quote: The strategic use of data is a side benefit of cloud computing, but it’s a value that goes way beyond any operational cost benefits. Most businesses have yet to understand that fact, but it will become readily apparent as we move into data analytics services that can scale in the cloud.

  • How Social Analytics Can Improve Enterprise IT Efficiency –

    Quote: Using social analytics on previously unused data sets — reading email headers, calendar data, instant messaging logs — can deliver a lot of business value, especially for large, distributed enterprises that aren’t on a first-name basis with most of their employees, he says.

  • Kneale Mann | Leadership: Too Busy to Get it Done

    Quote: Business Week recently published a study stating that only 38% of people can make effective decisions today due to the overwhelming amount of data which is increasing at a rate of 60% a year. It may be time for us to have less meetings, put our phones away, and have more meaningful interaction.

  • The Dreaded “W” of Workflow – Effective CRM

    Quote: A closing note about automating work; don’t speed things up that your customer doesn’t expect to be speeded up. For instance, if you are Jesse James, building killer custom motorcycles, your customer is willing to wait; speeding this process up would inevitably lead to defects, and waste, that they are not willing to tolerate (i.e. Correction). However, that same customer might value regular updates regarding the status of the job (including production stage pictures so they can see the progress). This is a something that automation can certainly help with.

  • QZipcar puts a face on hybrid IT – TotalCIO

    Quote: Figuring out a way to prioritize IT-related tasks can help take some of the pressure off IT departments that need to focus on the demand for agility, Harrington said. “That solution set means there are some things engineering does really well and some things where the needs are better served by SaaS-based tools,” he said. “It’s a happy hybrid between the two that makes it really work.”

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