Links for Oct 27 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Oh I See (CIO Inverted): Integrated Best of Breed

    Quote: Predictions about the demise of the larger solutions have been around for a while now; I do not believe that they are going away in a hurry, rather many have adapted to the new situation quite well. The momentum from new and micro solutions will keep everyone on their toes. Acquisitions will continue to change the landscape and the CIO will have to continuously adapt. Business will want agility and legacy will remain entrenched. The future will be uncertain, that is certain. All in a days’ job for the CIO !

  • It’s Not the Size, It’s the Motion! Why Data in Motion Matters | The Big Data Hub

    Quote: Stream computing changes where, when and how much of your business data you can analyze. By extracting insight from data as it is in motion, you can react to events as they are happening to reshape business outcomes. Store less, analyze more, and make better decisions, faster. From increased customer retention to earlier fraud detection to more frequent cross-selling, the benefits of stream computing are many.

  • Big Data Platform As Technology Continuum : CloudAve

    Quote: It is unfortunate that a lot of us are trained to chase a perfect answer as opposed to designing something that is less than perfect, useful, and inspirational to future generations to build on it. We look at technology in a small snapshot and think what it can do for me and others now. We don’t think of technology disruption as a continuum to solve a series of problems. Internet started that way and the first set of start-ups failed because they defined the problem too narrowly. The companies that succeeded such as Google, Amazon, eBay etc. saw Internet as a long term trend and didn’t think of it in a small snapshot. Cloud and Big Data are the same. Everyday I see problems being narrowly defined as if this is just a fad and companies want to capitalize on it before it disappears.

  • Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves and Start Innovating in Education

    Quote: We can’t kid ourselves any more that what we’re doing at all levels — from primary to college education — is working. It’s past time to start trying experimenting with new approaches, from flipped classrooms and mastery learning to MOOCs, doing solid research to understand what works, then scaling up these better answers.

  • What a narrow definition of success by David of 37signals

    Quote: If you judge entrepreneurial success as surviving or selling (including raising follow-on funding, being bought, or successfully IPO’ing) as no doubt your investors do, then your odds of success are lower outside of the superhubs.

  • More is less: Obamacare’s ‘tech surge’ adds manpower to an already-bloated project | The Verge

    Quote: “‘Tech surge’ is just a couple buzz words thrown together,” a source familiar with CGI Federal tells The Verge in an email. “Anyone who knows how software development and engineering works will tell you that adding more people to a late project will only make it later. This is because you basically have to bring the new resources up to speed, which takes time away from working on the task at hand.”

  • “If You Want People to Think, Give Them Intent—Not Instruction”

    Quote: When you give people instruction, you put them on autopilot. They just run through a task list until it ends and don’t bother to think more than necessary. If you provide an intention you create an end goal to strive towards and encourage people to think about the best way to get there. If you find that you don’t have the proper motivation to finish a task, you can always ask your boss or manager for that intent. It might help you do better work and feel a little less like a task robot.