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Google Flu Trends’ Failure Shows Good Data > Big Data – Kaiser Fung – Harvard Business Review
Quote: The amount of data still tends to dominate discussion of big data’s value. But more data in itself does not lead to better analysis, as amply demonstrated with Flu Trends. Large datasets don’t guarantee valid datasets. That’s a bad assumption, but one that’s used all the time to justify the use of and results from big data projects.

HP Blogs – The Role of the CIO, evolution or revolution? – The HP Blog Hub
Quote: Is the transformation to the digital world an evolution or a revolution for the CIO? I would say it depends. Some CIOs. Primarily those already linked to the business will see it as an evolution, the continuation of the efforts they have already taken to work hand in hand with the business. Other CIOs, focused mainly on technology will definitely see it as a revolution. Where are you in that spectrum and how do you take on the digital transformation?

Enterprise Agile: One Size Does Not Fit All — CIO Dashboard
Quote: Whatever approach you choose, scaling agile requires complex navigation during each phase. It’s an evolutionary process, requiring balance across many different aspects of the organization. With a strategic and tailored approach, organizations can successfully scale agile and realize all that a greater agile reach has to offer. If you steer clear of the hurdles, it’s a worthwhile journey.

Whither the CIO? The role of IT — and the IT leader — will evolve along two different paths | TechViews
Quote: Technology is turning whole businesses on their heads, and CEOs everywhere are struggling to find the best way to manage and leverage it. It makes sense that as technology increases its impact on businesses, the role of the technology leader will evolve. The notion of CIOs—and their organizations—as being all about operations and all about innovation—at the same time—cannot hold. The key for every CIO working today is this: Know which path plays to your strengths, and get moving

Four steps to help CIOs drive innovation and strategy – The CIO Leader
Quote: The type of radical change required to reposition the CIO role and the IT function is a significant undertaking. It will require the dismantling of much of the IT function’s existing structures, processes and teams, and the development of new competencies, skills and knowledge. Such a transformation takes time and requires the understanding and support of the rest of the C-suite.

“Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face” | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference
Quote: If we’ve developed a good plan, if we must stay focused on executing it. This doesn’t mean we don’t adjust it based on new information, but we can’t abandon it. We know we will face changes and challenges to our plan. Hopefully, we’ve thought of those in our planning process and developed strategies to deal with these, when we are hit with them, we can deal with it.

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