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Links for March 16 2014

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  • 6 IT Strategies to Stay Ahead of Data Center Trends –

    Quote: Automation, virtualization, cloud computing — these technology trends are transforming the data center and enabling companies to lower costs, increase flexibility and improve reliability. However, these shifts require IT, and their outsourcing providers, to rethink traditional strategies.

  • Volkswagen: ‘The Car Must Not Become A Data Monster’ – ReadWrite

    Quote: Over time, as vendors start to blend together, data control will become a selling point, and so we’ll see vendors giving us control not for our sakes, but rather for theirs. This won’t replace government intervention, but rather complement the legislation. Together, the market and the law can help us tame our appetite for the almighty deal.

  • Failure is a fundamental component of business evolution – O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: Capitalism and entrepreneurial innovation require risk, as it is a fundamental component of business evolution. When companies are allowed to fail, their resources get reallocated in the market, just like a fire that converts sparse undergrowth into fertilizer for the next generation of trees. If instead, the failed companies are prevented from failing but are propped up to maintain the illusion of solvency, they fester and consume more and more resources while creating greater and greater risk. Eventually, bailouts must be followed by even greater bailouts and then bail-ins. Finally, the systemic risk of too-big-to-fail becomes too-big-to-bail and the economy suffers a conflagration of defaults. De-risking increases the risk of failure and turns localized risk into a systemic risk.

  • Goodbye charts: Boston docs using Google Glass for patient history — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: A Boston hospital created its own way to use Google Glass for real-time patient charts and medical information, already saving at least one life. Doctors scan a QR code with Glass to see patient data, which is securely behind the hospital’s firewall.

  • With data brokers selling lists of alcoholics to big business, the feds have some thinking to do — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Private data brokers, which compile everything from our sex habits to our license plate license location, are a growing cause of concern.

  • Better Decisions in Less Time with Bigger Data and Smaller Egos — OCDQ Blog

    Quote: One of the lauded benefits of big data analytics is being able to weigh more options in our decision-making process. The more we can automate the processing and presentation of more decision-making options, the less we have to deal with any of those options becoming conflated with the ego of an individual decision-maker. Big data analytics, therefore, can enable businesses of all sizes to make better decisions in less time with bigger data and smaller egos.

  • Innovate on Purpose: Small, impermanent and sticky – the real innovation world

    Quote: Your business or geographic location will be buffeted by increasing competition and the accelerating pace of change and uncertainty. The real question is whether your firm or location can create a place where interesting, vital, creative and innovative people “stick” regardless of the tos and fros of corporate behemoths chasing transient incentives.

  • You Can Build a Community, But You Will Never Control It | C.C. Chapman

    Quote: Where people fall down all the time is that they think they can control a community. The most successful ones can be guided and directed, but at the end of the day the members are the ones that will determine if it is what they want or not.

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