Links for June 8 2014

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts

A social media contrarian speaks out on the limited value of tweet analytics
Quote: Tools are becoming more powerful and easier to use, so we have that. Where there’s a shortage is of people who are good at analyzing the data. One of the things I’ve championed for is that the consumer insights/market research folks should play a greater role [here] because they have so much experience analyzing customer behavior already.

Big Ass Fans’ new ceiling fan is really a robot
Quote: The robot invasion has begun, only the form factor may not be what you expected. For example, a ceiling fan company has launched a connected product that learns when to start circulating.

Why Mobile is Driving Innovation
Quote: Innovation is a natural consequence of the factors mentioned and there is no reason to expect things to slow down. With mobile technology expanding outward from phones and tablets to the Internet of Things, wearables, and automotive, we can only expect things to move even faster, driving even more innovation and new and exciting products that enrich our lives.

In Big Companies, The Public Cloud Is Leaving The Private Cloud In The Dust
Quote:AWS delivers the convenience that developers crave. Only those vendors who manage to seamlessly combine the convenience of AWS with the sometime need of behind-the-firewall control of private cloud computing (which Eucalyptus aims to do) will remain relevant.

The One Word Your Marketing Needs to Focus on Now
Quote: When you deliver a relevant message to a relevant audience at a relevant location and a relevant time, you hit the Relevancy Bullseye. This opens the opportunity for your brand to convert at previously unthinkable rates. We’ve preached this at Social Media Explorer for a long time now. For many brands, they’re only just now discovering what we meant.

If left unchecked, cloud fever could make us sick
Quote: For better or worse, cloud computing has rushed toward centralization, leaving us with few options for where our data can live. It’s time to consider more private alternatives to the centralized cloud.