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Fulltime IT hiring is in; CIOs who can’t manage change are on the way out

Quote: What does this mean for CIOs? According to Lane, the most important trait to demonstrate to the business today is that you can manage the enterprise transition from legacy systems to technologies like the cloud and mobile. And if you can’t help your company make that change, watch out. Lane gave an example of a company he was working with who hired a CIO that lasted only nine months because he didn’t know how to manage change.

Does the data center need an OS?

Quote:Data center management is the same way – there are many ways to manage the increased automation of a modern day data center. For some companies, like a Twitter or Google, a complete overlay approach like a Mesos may be the best answer. There are a variety of cloud management platforms in the market from providers like RightScale, Egenera and others that manage public and private cloud resources and allow for workloads to be automatically provisioned to these environments. For other organizations, perhaps embracing the strategies of vendors they currently work with – such as VMware’s software defined strategy, or Microsoft’s hybrid cloud software strategy – is the best way to roll out increased automation of workloads across devops or broader data center resources management.

Turning Anecdote into Data

Quote: Just like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a journey of a thousand data points begins with a single anecdote. The breadcrumb bits of data that mark the trail home can be hard to find. Especially after people take a byte here and a byte there, leaving hindsight bias to fill in the blanks and create a more compelling story. In some cases this results in telling an impenetrable lie, backwards and forwards.

Can You Afford To Ignore The Artificial Intelligence Wave?

Quote: Intelligence becomes a cognitive engagement, elevating AI from strictly an analytic capability. Rather than forcing a method, engagement model, or instrument upon the environment, ingestion is adaptive and natural to the environment.  Information is unfiltered and uncurated, rich in context in a way that traditional data and content management erase.

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