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On Being Present And Engaged

Quote: Catching peoples’ time, capturing their attention is a huge challenge for all of us.  When we finally do, we need to make sure we are totally present and engaged.  If we aren’t it’s a huge missed opportunity, it’s a waste of time on everyone’s part, and getting that next conversation becomes even more difficult.

A Digital World Calls for Counterintuitive CIOs

Quote: So what’s a CIO to do in a counterintuitive world increasingly driven by software? You can keep checking your mirrors with a “didn’t see that coming” approach, or take control by becoming, guess what? – a counterintuitive business leader.

Beyond the stack

Quote:  The future of software development is bound up with distributed systems, and all the complexity and indeterminacy that entails. We’ve started to develop the tools necessary to make distributed systems tractable. If you’re part of a software development or operations team, you need to know about them.

The Consumerization of Analytics

Quote: Instead of the starts and stops of taking an ask-and-wait approach with an analyst, business users are immediately engaged and guided through a creative discovery and exploration process, giving them a more complete view of the business through insights into previously unknown opportunities.   By putting advanced analytics in the hands of those making decisions, when they need to make them, Watson Analytics has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, helping them to be more enlightened, proactive and successful.

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