Links for September 4 2011

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  • The IT Reformation and the Splinternet (Part 1), by Frank Johnson | Hub Designs Magazine

    Quote: Progressive CIOs and thought leaders aren’t clamoring for IT to re-assert its “rightful” authoritative control.  Instead, they’re advocating that IT work proactively with business users, to address their need for faster, more flexible and more innovative solutions.

  • Are CIOs From Mars? If So, It’s Time for CMOs to Visit by Lisa Arthur on Forbes

    Quote: At the end of the day, it’s about the customer experience, and clearly, marketers can no longer go it alone. We need to develop a shared view of the customer with IT, sales and other stakeholders –and we need to work collaboratively to drive business success. Start building those bridges today. My guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reception you receive . . . and I guarantee you’ll find out that it’s a heck of a lot easier than flying to Mars.

  • IT Project Failures and the Black Swans by Jerry Bishop on The Higher ED CIO

    Quote: CIO’s need to find a way to not focus so much on being perfect or overcoming the natural forces affecting project success-failure. Instead the goal should be to illuminate the behaviors and phenomenon by educating their organizations so that addressing the influences can become easier and through a collective insight minimize their effects.

  • The busyness epidemic by Joel Dobbs on Enterprise CIO Forum

    Quote: The bottom line is we have an epidemic of busyness in our society today.  The root of the problem is the false association of activity with accomplishment.  Busyness has become a status symbol.  We equate activity with self-worth.  Descartes’  “I think, therefore I am” has become  “I do, therefore I am.”  Combine this with today’s “always on” world of business and you have a recipe for non-stop stress.

  • When Companies Can Treat You Like an ATM, Many Will Do So by John Hunter on Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

    Quote: Your organization has to focused not on your quarterly profit (and if you are think kind of company, probably your personal bonus targets) but in serving your customers well, and in continually improvement the value you provide to customers.

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