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Links for September 23 2012

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  • The Role Of Analytics In Creating New Consumer Behaviors

    Quote: Big Data and analytics are not only useful to instrument existing customers’ behavior but they could also help create new customer behaviors. This is especially powerful when the company is in high growth mode and has a bold vision to do whatever it takes to gain a top position in the market.

  • Enterprise Security and Social Engineering – OCDQ Blog – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality by Jim Harris

    Quote: As I have previously blogged, traditional approaches focus mainly on external security threats, which nowadays is like fortifying your physical barriers while ignoring the cloud floating over them and the mobile devices walking around them.  The more open business environment enabled by cloud and mobile technologies is here to stay, and it requires a modern data security model.

  • Do you really want your CMO in charge of IT? — Cloud Computing News

    Quote: It makes sense for the CMO to help pick which technology marketing uses — but marketing is just one of many departments of a company. In this age of BYOD, all that autonomy will lead to more “rogue” IT. That’s not always a good thing.

  • US government and Stack Exchange launch crowdsourced patent process — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: It works like this. Once a patent examination is made public, anyone can submit it to Stack Exchange and launch a discussion. Others can then offer “prior art” that they believe is relevant to determining whether the patent should be granted. The collection of prior art is then sent on to an examiner at the USPTO who makes the final decision. To prevent gaming of the system, people are allowed to make only one submission with up to three pieces of prior art (additional submissions are possible but require a $120 fee).

  • The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013 – Forbes

    Quote: Several themes reverberate throughout: analytics, breaking down silos, social, the cloud, and particularly customers, opportunities, growth, and innovation.

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