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Links for Sept 19 2010

  • Should marketing technology be centralized? by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: As marketers adopt more and more marketing technology in their work, particularly cloud-based applications, with many choices and many different opinions about what software is best for a particular purpose, the question arises: To what degree should marketing applications be centralized or standardized within an organization?

  • Cloud Computing’s Stormy Future by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Most non-technology executives are wary of cloud computing. They have been through technology fads before. While they will acknowledge that cloud computing is interesting in terms of potential to reduce IT costs, they harbor a suspicion that this might be just a lower cost form of IT outsourcing. If that is all it is, then it is important for the CIO to take care of, but there is no compelling need for the rest of the C-suite to get deeply involved in the technology.

  • Community Involvement Is About Commitment, Not Recognition by Dan Blank on Publishing, Innovation & the Web

    Quote: Again and again, we hear about “community marketing” or some variation of that term – how businesses are leveraging social media and the web to engage their markets at a deeper level with the strict goal of growing their own business – growing revenue and profits. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are many positive side effects to businesses being involved within communities, but it should be noted that without the financial component of profit – their interest in “community” wanes quickly.

  • Employee engagement replaced by passionate emptiness by Scot Herrick on Cube Rules

    Quote: Business is personal. Business is social. To take away the employee engagement that comes from taking your work personally takes away the satisfaction that comes from the work. When we take away the personal, the engagement that comes from work, we are left with empty actions, treating projects and people as though they are mere objects in a broad playing field. We do the work not because the work is engaging, satisfying and personal, but because it is a paycheck.

  • Debunking 5 Myths About Content Marketing by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

    Quote: The top reason why many organizations and people are holding back from building effective social presences is confusion about what constitutes good content. They’ve heard or imagine that social media is very content intensive, and they don’t have the resources to feed all the streams.

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Links for Sunday Sept 19 2010 – great stuff by @DanBlank, @ConversationAge, @CubeRules & @HarvardBiz –

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#baot Reading: Links for Sept 19 2010

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.RT @ericdbrown: Links for Sunday Sept 19 2010 – great stuff by @DanBlank, @ConversationAge, @CubeRules & @HarvardBiz –

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Links for Sept 19 2010

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